The monasteries in Bulgaria

Rila Monastery St. Ivan of Rila
Rila Monastery St. Ivan of Rila
In the last few years, Bulgarian monasteries, which are closely connected to the historical fate of the Bulgarian state and nation, have witnessed increasing tourist interest. From the very start, monasteries have gained great importance as centres of the Bulgarian literature and culture and have preserved the nation's values during difficult times. Some of the monasteries, which date back to Byzantine times, have played a key role in keeping up the Bulgarians' spirit and self-consciousness during 5 centuries of Ottoman domination. Others were built in the late 20th century in the place of destroyed cloisters in order to restore past glory and respond to the religious needs of local people. Due to Ottoman invasions or merely to the course of time, only few of the still-functioning monasteries keep their original architecture and interior of the buildings. Nevertheless, the visit of each one of them leaves a lasting memory and a deep impression. Some impose on the visitor with their unique design, others - with their valuable icons and masterly wall paintings, third - with their location in most beautiful and wild parts of the country.
Bachkovo Monastery Virgin Mary
Bachkovo Monastery Virgin Mary
The purpose of this website is not to make a thorough review of all preserved monasteries in Bulgaria but to present only those of tourist value - either for their beautiful architecture and rich history, or the opportunity for a nice holiday in the monastery's complex, or merely the interesting stop these could represent for a traveller. Our team has visited all the included monasteries and has discussed the history of the cloister with a monk or nun in most of them. That makes us proud of giving you first-hand information and sharing with you our unique photos of these monasteries. We hope that you will enjoy browsing our site!

Latest Comments

Eno Ukpe for Odranitsa Monastery:
I paid a visit to the Monastery in 2011. The grounds and facilities were very well maintained. I was informed that the monks keep honey bees and that visitors could purchase same from them.

Álvaro for Glozhene Monastery:
Hi, Could you provided the updated Price for one night there? And the restaurant info also :) Thank you!

M.Efstratiou for Glozhene Monastery:
It is a pitty that hte information you provide is not updated. Accommodtion is not offered at that price, and there is a restaurant.

Paul Smith USA for Pravetz Monastery:
the monastery overlooks the green hill across and the view is worth a Million bucks. the monk Joanh Strashnikov is the best and real asset of this monastery. people are constantly calling him for prayers, help and advice!

Dennis for Erul Monastery:
The Erul Monastery is located in a tranquil unspoiled location with evergreen surroundings. Only 45 minutes from Sofia- a

Dimitrova for Rila Monastery:
I like it.

Boriana for Lopushanski Monastery:
Lopushanski monastery named St. John The Precursor, impressed me with its stylish iconostasis of the great artists Nikolai Dospevski and Stanislav Dospevski from Samokov, with the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary Eleusa and with the warm regards of Jeromonah Hristodul, monk who greeted us kindly and take time to tell us the history of the Monastery and to pray for me. Holy place! Marvelous! For those who wish to have children, I wish them to visit the monastery and pray before the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary Eleusa, or ask the monk Hristodul to pray for them, God to fulfill their request. Amen!

Ioann for Rila Monastery:
Kak sviazat'sia s monastyrem po elektronnoy pochte?

Iosa Stitt for Rila Monastery:
Отидох да посетя Рилския Рилският през май 2012. Да бъдеш физически увреждания с емфизем на белия дроб, заболяване, не можех да ходя много далеч от дъх. След посещение на църква и се молят заедно икона на Света Богородица усетих моята емоционална промяна на настроението. Когато се върна в Ирландия, две седмици по-късно бях физическото излекувана от болестта ми. Сега ще се върнете към Рила през септември тази година да изкажа благодарност

Надя for Turzhishki (Strupetski) Monastery:
Wrong spelling for(Strupetski) It is not Strup*etski We don't have that ending *etski it have to be Strup*eshki or the most common form is Strup*chanski the ending *chan*ski is from "Chan" kind of animal bell. like Vratsa-->Vra*chanski Strup*ets-->Strup*chanski Strup is the root. Please correct the name!!!