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Bakadzhik Monastery

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St. Spas




Location - Bakadzhik Monastery

The Bakadzhik monastery “St. Spas” is situated above the town of Yambol, on the northern slope of the first peak of the Bakadzhik part of the Sredna Gora mountain – St. Spas. It was built right after the Liberation war between Russia and the Ottoman Empire in the place of a monastery that had been destroyed during the April Uprising (1976).


The Bakadzhik monastery is erected around the Alexander Nevski church-monument that represents the first church built in Bulgaria as a sign of gratitude to the Russian nation for its role in the liberation of Bulgaria from Turkish rule. In the beginning of 1879, a Russian General, Skobelev-Junior, who had dislocated his troops near Yambol, discussed with citizens of Yamol an idea to build a church in the memory of the Russian soldiers who took part in the Liberation War. It was decided that the idea would be fulfilled with the joint efforts of Bulgarians and Russians by constructing a chapel in the place of a destroyed monastery on the northern slope of the first peak of the Bakadzhik part. After the Russian troops withdrew from the area, Gen. Skobelev-Junior granted a testament and an engraved cross to the future temple, while construction works were completed by Yambol citizens with the financial help of Bulgarians and Russians. The iconostasis was made by Russian monks, after which it was transported to the church in parts that were put together there. The gonfalons and icons were donated by the Kievo-Pecharska monastery. In 1884, the church was officially opened at a ceremony attended by the Russian Ambassador to Eastern Rumelia, Sorokin, and many guests. At present, the monastery is not inhabited by monks, but is kept by a priest and his wife. There are residential and farm buildings next to the church.


Neither food, nor accommodation is offered.


The monastery can be reached by taking the eastern direction from the town of Yambol and after about a 10km-drive, turning right to the Bakadzhika area. The monastery lies on the very asphalt road to the left.

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Bakadzhik Monastery - the Complex
Bakadzhik Monastery - the Complex
Bakadzhik Monastery - the Complex
Bakadzhik Monastery - the Complex
Bakadzhik Monastery - the Complex
Bakadzhik Monastery - the Church
Bakadzhik Monastery - inside the Church
Bakadzhik Monastery - inside the Church
Bakadzhik Monastery - the Bell Tower
Bakadzhik Monastery - the Yard
Bakadzhik Monastery - a View from the Monastery


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