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Kamentsi Monastery

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God's Resurrection




Location - Kamentsi Monastery

The Kamentsi monastery “God’s Resurrection” lies in the very village of Kamentsi in the Silistra district, about 30km to the southeast of Silistra. The village is situated in a picturesque gorge, and is surrounded by hills covered with thick woods and rocks.


The white-stoned church of the monastery, carrying the Orthodox name of “God’s Resurrection” rises at the highest point of Kamentsi and its domes can be seen from all parts of the village. It has been several years since the monastery was abandoned, but its church is opened throughout the whole day and is being taken care of by a local woman. The church impresses with its size and the well-kept frescoes and icons. A large monks’ cloister functioned in that place during Turkish rule, but that was later plundered and set on fire by the Turks. Only one monk was lucky to survive the attack and retired as a hermit to a near-by area, called “The Holy Spring” that can be found 2km away from the village. According to the local people, the spring, wherefrom he drank water, is able to cure diseases. In the same place where the old monastery stood, the local population built a new church in 1906, named “God’s Resurrection”. The church was made entirely of carved stone, brought from a near-by quarry. All local families contributed to the construction with their own labour or money donations. In 1999, the then-metropolitan priest of the Dorostol eparchy Gelasii proposed to the Holy Synod that the monastery be granted the status of a nunnery. The proposal was accepted and two nuns, Yulita and Serafima, settled at the monastery. The nuns inhabited the former house of the village’s priest in the yard of the monastery. Yet, when the old age of the nuns prevented them from taking care of the monastery anymore, the two left for other monasteries.


Neither food nor accommodation is offered.


The village and the monastery can be reached down an offroad to the left from the main road traveling from the town of Dobrich to Silistra that starts a few kilometers after one enters the Silistra district. The way to the monastery is signed.

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Kamentsi Monastery - inside the Church
Kamentsi Monastery - inside the Church
Kamentsi Monastery - inside the Church
Kamentsi Monastery - inside the Church
Kamentsi Monastery - the Complex
Kamentsi Monastery - the Yard
Kamentsi Monastery - the Yard
Kamentsi Monastery - a View from the Monastery


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