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Odranitsa Monastery

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St. St. Apostles Peter and Pavel




Location - Odranitsa Monastery

The Odranitsa monastery “St. St. Apostles Peter and Pavel” is situated some 2-3km away from the village of Odranitsa, which in turn lies in the municipality of Zemen, about 25km. to the north of the town of Zemen. The monastery is located in the Erulska mountain, to the north of the Shevarna neighbourhood of Odranitsa.


The monastery was rebuilt between July 1, 1999 and May 30, 2000. From September 16, 2001 onward, it has been inhabited on and off by religious people. Since July 1, 2006, abbot of the Odranitsa monastery and its sole inhabitant has been the young and friendly father Efrem, who welcomes the monastery’s guests and readily answers their questions. The monastery represents an exceptionally beautiful and neat complex of a church, a residential building and 2 chapels. The chapels are richly covered with frescoes, while the church is yet to be painted. It is known that the present-day monastery was preceded by a cloister that was restored in 1870 or in 1886 according to different sources. The icons and the iconostasis were made by two brothers from the town of Bansko – Ivan (icon-painter) and Marko (wood-carver) Hadzhiikonomovi. Unfortunately, information on the original monastery is not available.


Neither food, nor accommodation is offered. Yet, there are ideal places for picnics and gatherings around the monastery.


The starting point for those willing to get to the monastery is the village of Odranitsa. Shortly before one gets to the village, there is a dirty offroad to the left by a small river of the name of Shevarna. A hand-written sign above the offroad’s start shows the way to the monastery. After 1-2km. the road separates, but there is a new hand-written sign to the monastery. Shortly after that, the road splits once again and there is no sign – the way to the monastery is the left-hand one. From that point onward, there are just 500m. left to monastery, but the road becomes rather bad and is hard to pass with a car.

Photo Gallery

Odranitsa Monastery - the Complex
Odranitsa Monastery - the Complex
Odranitsa Monastery - the Complex
Odranitsa Monastery - the Complex
Odranitsa Monastery - the Complex
Odranitsa Monastery - the Complex
Odranitsa Monastery - the Church
Odranitsa Monastery - the Church
Odranitsa Monastery - inside the Church
Odranitsa Monastery - inside a Chapel
Odranitsa Monastery - the Yard
Odranitsa Monastery - the Yard
Odranitsa Monastery - the Yard


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Posted by Eno Ukpe on 2015-05-25 19:08:54

I paid a visit to the Monastery in 2011. The grounds and facilities were very well maintained. I was informed that the monks keep honey bees and that visitors could purchase same from them.

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