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Tran Monastery

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St. Archangel Michail




Location - Tran Monastery

The Trun monastery “St. Archangel Michail” lies about 2km. to the north of the town of Trun. The monastery complex consists of a church and a residential building.


The Trun monastery was first built in the 13th c. It was later restored at the end of the 16th c., when the present-day church “St. Archangel Michail” and its marvelous wall paintings was re-erected. Experts have unveiled two layers of frescoes, with those that impress mostly on visitors being “Annunciation”, “Saints”, “St. Gregory” and others, painted by unknown masters. During the Ottoman rule of Bulgaria, the monastery served as a cultural and educational centre. It hosted a monastery school, too. During the years of Bulgarian Renaissance, the Trun revolutionary committee was established behind its doors. The monastery has been declared a monument of culture. At present the priest of the eparchy is trying to restore the monastery’s kitchen with his own hands and the help of friends and family. The ultimate end is to re-inhabit the monastery and then start a thorough reconstruction of the church, too. The church is in dire straits, but it still preserves remains of frescoes and an interesting immolation stone in its altar that has been dated to Roman times. Unfortunately, treasure hunters continue to ravish the church. The place is in an obvious need of hard work and substantial funds for its revival.


Food and accommodation are not offered.


It takes 10 minutes to reach the monastery on foot down a path that starts from a good asphalt road. No signs are to be found, however.

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Tran Monastery
Tran Monastery - inside the Church
Tran Monastery - inside the Church
Tran Monastery - inside the Church
Tran Monastery - the Complex


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