Gorna Breznitsa monastery

Gorna Breznitsa monastery St. Prophet Ilia

The Gorna Breznitsa monastery is situated above the village of the same name and 5km northwest of the town of Kresna. It is relatively easy to reach the monastery and its visit can be a nice stop during a trip in southwestern Bulgaria or a calm weekend in the Pirin mountain. The monastery complex offers a magnificent view to the village beneath, and the Malashevtsi and Pirin mountains with Pirin’s peak Vihren standing out in the distance.

Hadzhidimovo Monastery

Hadzhidimovo Monastery St. George

The Hadzhidimovo Monastery Saint George is situated right next to the town of Hadzhidimovo

Rozhen Monastery

Rozhen Monastery St Nativity of Mother of God

The Rozhen monastery is situated about 5km away from the small town of Melnik up in the lower part of the Pirin mountain. It offers an amazing view to the peaks of the Pirin and Belasitsa mountains, and the famous ‘mels’ of Melnik – the latter being pyramid-like hills around the town, formed by the erosion of clay loam.