Bakadzhik Monastery

Bakadzhik Monastery St. Spas

The Bakadzhik monastery “St. Spas” is situated above the town of Yambol, on the northern slope of the first peak of the Bakadzhik part of the Sredna Gora mountain – St. Spas. It was built right after the Liberation war between Russia and the Ottoman Empire in the place of a monastery that had been destroyed during the April Uprising (1976).

Golyamo Bukovo Monastery

Golyamo Bukovo Monastery St Life-Giving Spring

The Golyamo Bukovo monastery “St Life-Giving Spring” is the only acting monastery in the Strandzha Mountain. It is located some 4km to the east of the village of Golyamo Bukovo (named Kodzha Buk until 1934). The monastery is situated at roughly equal distances from the villages of Kirovo, Trakiitsi, Granichar, Varovik and Bogdanovo.

Gorno Ezerovo Monastery

Gorno Ezerovo Monastery The Nativity of Mother of God

The Gorno Ezerovo monastery “St Virgin Mary” is situated between the quarter of Meden Rudnik of the city of Bourgas and the village of Gorno Ezerovo. The monastery is built in the lowland, but represents a true oasis of beauty in the plain field.

Kabile Monastery

Kabile Monastery The Nativity of Mother of God

The monastery named “The Birth of God’s Mother” stands out in the middle of a field, nearby the archeology reserve of Kabile 6km away from the town of Yambol. Its well-kept yard brings joy to the visitor’s eye with its numerous plants and flowers.

Pomorie Monastery

Pomorie Monastery St. George the Victorious

The Pomorie monastery, named after St. Georgi the Victorious, is located in the seaside town of Pomorie, some 20km to the north of Bourgas.