Glozhene Monastery

Glozhene Monastery St. George the Victorious

The Glozhene monastery is located amid the natural beaties of the Northern Balkan mountains. Despite its name, it is in fact closer to the village of Malak Izvor, than to the neoghbouring village of Glozhene. It is built right on top of a mount and resembles a castle when viewed from a distance.

Novo Selo Monastery

Novo Selo Monastery Holy Trinity

The Novo Selo monastery “Holy Trinity” is situated close to the center of the Novo Selo quarter of the town of Apriltsi.

Troyan Monastery

Troyan Monastery Holy Mother's Assumption

The stauropegial Troyan monastery, “Assumption of Virgin Mary”, lies 10 km to the southeast of the old Balkan town of Troyan, in the skirts of the Balkan mountain range. Built at about 400 meters above sea level, the biggest monastery in the Balkan mountains is surrounded by beautiful forests and the Cherni Osam river, which gives a particular charm to the place. The monastery’s complex is quite developed as a tourist site with plenty of shopping outlets, restaurants and entertainment facilities in the neighbourhood.

Zelenikovets Monastery

Zelenikovets Monastery St. John the Baptist

The Zelenikovets monastery “St. John the Baptist” is situated in the Zelenikovets area of the Troyan part of the Balkan Mountain, about 8km to the southeast of the Troyan monastery and some 5km to the south of the Cherni Osam village. The monastery reveals a marvelous view to the Golyam Kupen and Ambaritsa peaks.