Cherepish Monastery

Cherepish Monastery God's Mother Assumption

The Cherepish monastery, named “The Assumption of Virgin Mary”, is to be found 29km to the southeast of the town of Vratza, in the Iskar defile of the Balkan mountain – the latter widely known for its unique richness of natural forms and sights.

Chiprovtsi Monastery

Chiprovtsi Monastery St. John of Rila

The Chiprovtsi monastery lies in the valley of the Chiprovska Ogosta river, at the foot of the Yazova mountain (a part of the Western Balkan mountain range), about 4km to the northeast of the town of Chprovtsi, famous for its carpet-waving industry.

Gradeshnitsa Monastery

Gradeshnitsa Monastery St Ioan

The Gradeshnitsa monastery is located 38km to the northwest of the town of Vratsa, 36km to the northeast of the town of Montana, about 1.5km west of the village of Gradeshnitsa and some 2km to the south of the right-hand bank of the Ogosta river. The monastery lies in a valley north of the Kaleto (The Fortress) area, in the western end of the Selishteto (the Settlement) area, at an average height of 165m. above sea level. A small river that flows into Ogosta runs just behind the southern walls of the monastery. The cloister lies within the administrative borders of the village of the Gradeshnitsa and borders with the following villages – Lesura (to the east), Baurene (south), Ohrid and Beli Breg (west), Gromshin and the village of Kushan abandoned in the 19th century (north). The region, in which the monastery lies, is particularly picturesque – a hill, surrounded on its three sides by a canyon that winds in its skirts and connected to a plateau by a narrow strip of land.

Klisura Monastery

Klisura Monastery St. St. Cyril and Methodius

The Klisura monastery stands out in a picturesque place in the western part of the Balkan mountain, at the foot of the Todorini Kukli peak and close to the holiday town of Vurshets.

Lopushanski Monastery

Lopushanski Monastery St. John the Precursor

The Lopushanski monastery is situated at 300m above sea level in the Chiprovtsi part of the Balkan mountain. It is impressive for its architecture, proportions and stone plastics, while the visit is long remembered for the wonderful mountainous nature in the neighbourhood.

Turzhishki (Strupetski) Monastery

Turzhishki (Strupetski) Monastery St Prophet Ilia

The Turzhishki (or else known as Strupeshki) monastery named after St Prophet Iliya is situated in the northern part of the Gola Glava (Bald Head) hill in the Western Fore-Balkan, on the right-hand bank of the Iskar river. The monastery is located in a beautiful area nearby the river, about 4.5km away from the village of Strupets. Initially, the monastery was built in the Cherkovishteto area of the Kurnovska river that flows into the Iskar river. The present-day monastery lies 300m away from the Iskar river. It perks over a small hill above the village of Strupets to the west of the Strupets hillock, some 10km away from the town of Roman (Vratsa district). The Sofia-Varna railway line passes nearby the village of Strupets.