Aidemir Monastery

Aidemir Monastery Holy Mother's Shroud

The Aidemir monastery “Holy Mother’s Shroud” is situated 2-3km to the west of the town of Aidemir on the way to the town of Rousse.

Basarbovo Monastery

Basarbovo Monastery St. Dimitrii of Basarbovo

The rock monastery “St Dimitrii of Basarbovo” is situated in the picturesque valley of the Rusenski Lom River amidst a number of rock cloisters. It lies about 10km away from the town of Rousse and carries the name of a near-by village.

Ivanovo Monastery

Ivanovo Monastery St. Michael the Archangel

The Ivanovo Rock Monastery is situated 21km south of the town of Rousse. In fact, the rock monastery is completely different from the other monastery complexes to be found in Bulgaria. In contrast to the traditional monastery complex which consists of 1-2 churches and a residential part, the Ivanovo cloister represents a network of small churches, chapels and cells hewn into the rocks, 32m above the waters of the picturesque canyon of the Roussenski Lom River. This cloister is the most famous one of the group of built-in-rock shrines around for its beautiful and well-preserved wall paintings.

Kamentsi Monastery

Kamentsi Monastery God's Resurrection

The Kamentsi monastery “God’s Resurrection” lies in the very village of Kamentsi in the Silistra district, about 30km to the southeast of Silistra. The village is situated in a picturesque gorge, and is surrounded by hills covered with thick woods and rocks.

Karanvarbovski Monastery

Karanvarbovski Monastery St. Marina

The Karanvurbovski monastery “St. Marina” is situated in a picturesque area about 53km away from the town of Rousse and some 23km to the southeast of the town of Dve Mogili.

Koprivets Monastery

Koprivets Monastery Reverend Petka of Bulgaria

The Koprivets monastery, named ‘Reverend Petka of Bulgaria’ lies just outside the village of Koprivets. The village itself is located 16km away from the town of Byala and 34km to the northwest of the town of Popovo. It is relatively close to the main road connecting Sofia and Varna and the visit of the monastery could be a nice stop on the way to the seaside.

Syanovo Monastery

Syanovo Monastery St. Marina

The Syanovo monastery “St. Marina” is situated in a beautiful valley close to the village of Syanovo in the Tutrakan region.