Chirpan Monastery

Chirpan Monastery St. Atanasii

The Chirpan monastery “St Atanasii” is situated just above the village of Zlatna Livada, on the right-hand bank of the Stara Reka River. The village of Zlatna Livada in turn lies about 15km to the southeast of the town of Chirpan. The monastery is built on a well-shaped hill, while on the other bank of the river one could still see remains of an old Roman fortress.

Kardzhali Monastery

Kardzhali Monastery St John the Precursor

The St John the Precursor monastery is located in the Veselchane quarter of the town of Kurzhali. The monastery, of which the church is the only building that has been restored to date, represents an impressive medieval monument of culture, found by chance during construction works last century.

Kazanlak Monastery

Kazanlak Monastery The Presentation of God's Mother to the Temple

The Kazanlak monastery “The Presentation of Mother God to the Temple” is situated in the very town of Kazanlak. The impressive complex is hidden behind a high and thick wall from the eyes of laymen.

Maglizh Monastery

Maglizh Monastery St Nikola

The Maglizh monastery “St. Nikola” is situated some 2km to the north of the town of Maglizh, in the slopes of the Balkan mountain. It is located some 33km away from the town of Stara Zagora and about 13km to the east of the town of Kazanlak.

Shipka Monastery

Shipka Monastery Birth of Christ

The Shipka monastery “Birth of Christ” rises above the town of Shipka in the skirts of the central Balkan mountain.

Ustrem Monastery

Ustrem Monastery Holy Trinity

The Ustrem monastery “Holy Trinity”, known also as the Vakuf monastery or the Haydоuk monastery, is situated in the Sakar mountain, some 3km away from the village of Ustrem (known as Vakuf until 1934).