Arbanasi Monastery

Arbanasi Monastery Virgin Mary

The St. Virgin Mary convent can be found at the very beginning of the Arbanasi village, which in turn is situated 5 km away from Veliko Turnovo on the road to Gorna Oryahovitsa. It is one of the cloisters scattered around the former capital of Bulgaria, which hold painful memories of the Turks’ invasion in Bulgaria. A visit of this monastery can be a part of a nice day off or a weekend in the ancient village of Arbanasi. Another monastery, St Nikola lies at the other end of the village and can complement a visit in the neighbourhood.

Batoshevo Monastery

Batoshevo Monastery The Assumption

The Batoshevo monastery lies several kilometers above the village of Batoshevo, which in turn is situated some 10km to the south of the town of Sevlievo, on the bank of the Rositsa river.

Dryanovo Monastery

Dryanovo Monastery St. Archangel Michael

The historical Dryanovo monastery, St Archangel Michael, is situated about 4km away from Dryanovo in the picturesque gorge of the Dryanovo river where limestone rocks rise high on all sides of the gorge as inapproachable forest walls.

Kapinovo Monastery

Kapinovo Monastery St. Nikola

The Kapinovo monastery, named “St Nikola”, is built near the Veselina river in the skirts of the beautiful Elena ridge of the Balkan Mountain. The monastery lies 18km to the south of the town of Veliko Turnovo. When looked at from the north, it resembles strikingly a medieval fortress.

Kilifarevo Monastery

Kilifarevo Monastery The Nativity of Mother of God

The present-day complex of the Kilifarevo monastery, St Birth of Virgin Mary, lies in the valley of the Belitsa river, about 4km to the southeast of the town of Kilifarevo (close to Veliko Turnovo). At the very beginning of its existence, the cloister was situated on the near-by hill.

Merdanya Monastery

Merdanya Monastery St Forty Martyrs

The Merdanya monastery “St Forty Martyrs” is situated in the eastern end of the village of Merdanya (Veliko Turnovo region), on the main road connecting the town of Veliko Turnovo with the town of Elena.

Patriarch Monastery

Patriarch Monastery Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity monastery, also known as the Patriarch’s monastery, lies about 10km away from the ancient town and ex-Bulgarian capital, Veliko Turnovo. The monastery has been built high above the town in an extraordinarily beautiful area, huddling at the foot of a vertical rocky massif.

Petropavlovski Monastery

Petropavlovski Monastery St. St. Apostles Peter and Paul

The Petropavlovski monastery, known also as Lyaskovets monastery, is one of the 14 monasteries built in the neighbourhood of the old capital of Bulgaria, Veliko Turnovo, during the Second Bulgarian State (12-14th century). The monastery, named after St Peter and St Paul, is one of the best preserved monasteries from that time, not least because of its hard-to-reach location. It perches over the high and inaccessible rocks of the Arbanasi plateau, 6km to the northeast of Veliko Turnovo. The monastery and particularly its 31-high belltower are well seen from the lows and according to many, it resembles a mysterious medieval castle. Once one climbs to it, its terrace reveals a glorious view over the Danube plain and the Balkan mountains.

Plakovo Monastery

Plakovo Monastery St Prophet Iliya

The Plakovo monastery, named after St Prophet Iliya, is to be found close to the village of Plakovo, about 18km to the south of Veliko Turnovo. Because of the proximity between the Plakovo and the Kapinovo cloisters (the distance between being just 2km), the two are often nicknamed as twin-monasteries.

Sokolski Monastery

Sokolski Monastery Holy Mother's Assumption

The Sokolski monastery “Holy Mother’s Assumption” is situated 15km to the southeast of Gabrovo in an area called Sokolova Peshtera (Falcon’s Cave). Its location together with its founder and first father Arhimandrit Yosif Sokolski have given the name of the monastery.

Svishtov Monastery

Svishtov Monastery The Shroud of God's Mother

The Svishtov monastery, named “Virgin Mary’s Winding Sheet”, is located in a charming grove, about 5km away from the Danube town of Svishtov.

Transfiguration Monastery

Transfiguration Monastery St. Transfiguration

The Transfiguration monastery is built in an extremely picturesque place, about 10 km away from the ancient fortress of Tsarevets. It lies at the foot of vertical rocks on the left bank of the Yantra river, down on the way from Veliko Turnovo to Rousse. The yard of the monastery offers a marvellous view to the defile of the river and the opposite rocky hill, the foot of which shelters another monastery, the Patriarch’s “Holy Trinity”.